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Our Activities


  • Industrial Plants & Buildings
  • Warehouses & Production Plants
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Sports Facilities 
  • Hangars & Mini Storages
  • Cold Storage Buildings
  • Business Centers & Steel Houses
  • Architectural Designs
  • Steel Construction Facilities


Steel technology challenges traditional methods ... Because STEEL offers perfect comfort, aesthetics and confidence. Thanks to architectural design simplicity, robustness, earthquake resistance and speed advantages, structures made of steel construction system continue to take the place of traditional construction technology with new century technology. Now, the concrete construction is a place where the judges are placed in the steel building system; trust, speed and functionality ...


OPAL STEEL produces according to quality standards and international norms at every stage of production. The CNC automatic drilling, cutting and machining centers used in steel construction production meet the requirements of precision production. Thanks to its unique advantages and advantages, OPAL STEEL construction offers risk-free and effective solutions to the demands of customers, investors, contractors, public and private institutions, both project and application.

Recent Works