WhoWe Are?

Opal Steel Construction Industry and Trade Inc. has been operating in construction sector since 2000. With long years of knowledge and experience of the founders, expert technical staff and qualified staff as a result of continuous change took the right place in the industry. Opal Steel Construction uses all kinds of technology in its modern production facilities with a capacity of 1.000 tons/month and located in a closed area of 10.000 m² in Sakarya 3rd Organized Industrial Zone..

About Us


Project Design

Opal Steel, while making interior design designs that are compatible with the ever-changing design trends, is always meticulous about meeting the aesthetic understanding of the modern age and the innovative expression in the designs it makes.


Opal Steel produces solutions with its dynamic and creative team consisting of experienced professionals in order to offer the most suitable design, structural and aesthetic criteria according to the users.


Opal Steel with its experienced team that reflects the importance given to design in architectural organizations, creates projects that are in line with customer expectations.


Opal Steel meets the demands by defining problems related to being functional and qualified, solving the creativity and solving the creativity, making design analysis, giving information about construction site inspection, building systems, aesthetics, hardware and preparing drawings and documents regarding the place to be designed.


Our Activities

TURNKEY SOLUTION IN STEEL BUILDINGS: Industrial Plants - Warehouse Buildings - Production Plants - High Rise Buildings - Sports Facilities - Olympic Swimming Pools - Hangars - Airport Buildings- Mini Storages - Cold Storage Buildings - Business Centers - Steel Houses - Architectural Designs - Steel Construction Facilities - Steel Roofs - Solid Waste Facilities - Municipality Facilities - Auto Gallery Sites - Bus Terminals.



Steel technology challenges traditional methods. Because STEEL offers perfect comfort, aesthetics and confidence. Thanks to architectural design simplicity, robustness, earthquake resistance and speed advantages, structures made of steel construction system continue to take the place of traditional construction technology with new century technology.



Our employees are the greatest value in offering customer solutions. For this reason, we are constantly striving for customer satisfaction with talented professionals who share our values. We are constantly looking for new and entrepreneurial ways to meet our customers' needs and overcome expectations, whether by technology process.



OPAL STEEL produces according to quality standards and international norms at every stage of production. The CNC automatic drilling, cutting and machining centers used in steel construction production meet the requirements of precision production.


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